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Omni Marketing Consultants creates compelling, bold, and precise marketing, advertising, and innovation strategies for small business owners who are fed up with wasting money and time on marketing and advertising that generate little-to-no response; produce roll-the-dice, wait-and-see results; and take FOREVER to see a return on investment, and are looking for smarter ways to connect with their buyers and get more bang for the buck by getting GREATER, FASTER, PREDICTABLE, AND MEASURABLE RESULTS.

Unfortunately, MOST businesses use what we call hope marketing. They spend time and money on marketing they hope will reach their prospects and customers, and they hope will yield good results. As a matter of fact, we’ve found that 98% of marketing and advertising efforts, regardless of the industry, suffer from the same problems: no differentiation, no connection with the buyer, and no measurable marketing strategies and tactics.

We realize that investing money on marketing and advertising is risky, and sometimes even scary! Who wants to spend their hard-earned money without knowing what they’re gonna get in return? That’s why we’re committed to eliminating the “marketing money pit” by INTELLIGENTLY connecting you with your prospects and customers using compelling content, along with online, Web site, social media, email, video, mobile, and traditional marketing techniques—all to help achieve HUGE results, ACCELERATED growth, and SOARING PROFITS from your marketing investments.

Our exclusive and powerful Omni Marketing Program™ is a five-point system that we can use for your business to help you become the dominant leader in your industry quickly. As a matter of fact, this system is so effective that we can only work with one company per industry, per market.

We also offer an Omni Marketing Assurance Program™, where our client receives a complete refund if our marketing program doesn’t yield the promised results. Don’t get excited about that offer though; we’ve NEVER had to give a client a refund!

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