Trade Show Shuffle

It's high time you completely ditch the fishbowl!

Ditch the fishbowl and revolutionize the way you interact with attendees and take leads.

With all the money you invest in trade shows, don’t allow your ROI to depend on a cheap lead capture system that fails.

A trade show is one of the few places where your prospects are able to experience you and your competitor in the same place…at the same time. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to outshine your competitors because you better believe your prospects are measuring you against your competitors. Contrary to popular belief, we’ve found that it’s NOT the companies with the largest display, most unique presentation, or eye-candy greeters that win. Instead, the companies that have a solid sales lead tracking and measurement program in place are the ones that truly succeed at trade shows.

If you’re gearing up to participate in a trade show, give us a call so we can implement Omni Marketing’s Trade Show Shuffle to ensure you have a reliable method of capturing, tracking and following up with leads.

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