The Omni Marketing Program

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The Omni Marketing Program™

The Omni Marketing Program is a COMPREHENSIVE and integrated advertising and marketing system that will flat-out leave your competition in the dust. Our system leaves no stone unturned as we work with you to create strategies and tactics that leverage your business to dominate your industry. Omni Marketing Consultants is the only marketing company in the Chicagoland area that uses such a revolutionary marketing system, along with attention-grabbing copywriting, graphic design, print, and video to deliver results that will catapult your business straight to top of your industry. We’re so confident in its power that we offer a money back guarantee. If the program doesn’t produce the results for your business, you get all of your money back. Please note: Our program is so effective, we can only work with one company per industry per market. So, don’t let your competition get to us before you do!

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We gather details about your business to determine who you REALLY are, and how to differentiate yourself, in order to craft the main messages to weave throughout all areas of your business, including your marketing efforts. By first determining what you say, how you say it, and to whom you say it, we’re addressing the CRITICAL step that must be taken BEFORE planning “where” you say it (the marketing medium).


Of course, we will ensure that you look your professional best, but your image is so much more than your logo, business card, or how your marketing materials look. The image enhancement process will help your business “personality” emerge, so that your prospects and buyers clearly see your unique differences and perceive YOUR BUSINESS as the only solution to their problem, or THE business that is worthy of their hard-earned cash.

We eliminate your identity crisis (the one that has you looking like, and saying the same things about your products and services as everyone else in your industry) by utilizing the details gathered in the information development stage, and also looking for ways for you to be innovative in your business.


This Can’t-Miss-Won’t-Fail formula is what we use to GUARANTEE your marketing results.

Ditch the cliché-ridden (and cliché-written) marketing materials and replace them with materials that include passionate and compelling messaging that demonstrates why doing business with you is the best decision your buyer could ever make. This approach immediately tramples your competitors!

Completely capture the attention of your intended audience…and do it quickly! Use an attention-grabbing headline, push the buyer’s hot buttons, or use trigger words that instantly identify your target reader (Example: Hey, Golf Enthusiasts!).

Pull your target reader into your ad or marketing piece, as if your hands reached off the page and grabbed them by the throat. You do this by advising your reader that you’re about to give them information to facilitate their buying decision.

Deliver the information you just promised by identifying the important and relevant issues your buyer needs to be aware of, then demonstrating how you stack up against those issues. Become a lawyer for your business…build a case for doing business with you. If you provide them with enough information, they’ll be in control of the buying decision, helping feel comfortable that they’re making the best decision possible.

Make an offer. Ask for the sale. Give your reader an action to take. This request for action is what sets effective, money-making advertising apart from the horrible advertising out there. If the appeal works, people call to order, and the ad is a measurable success.

The iMarketing Formula™ practically forces your prospects to say,

“I’d have to be COMPLETELY NUTS to do business
with anyone else…regardless of the cost!”


We strategically integrate the various mediums for marketing and advertising your business, utilizing traditional marketing and advertising methods, in combination with the best online and mobile marketing strategies.


This critical process ensures that “who you say you are” is what customers experience when doing business with you. We work with you to create sales, operations and administrative systems to ensure you’re operating as efficiently and effectively as possible, and that the customer experience with your business is pleasurable and memorable from the initial contact with your business to after the sale.

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