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  • MA Lead Capture
    Lead Capture System

    Capture. Connect. Convert.

  • MA Fierce Follow-Up
    The Fierce Follow-Up System

    The Fortune is in the Follow-Up

  • MA Automation
    Marketing Automation

    Make it easy on yourself!

  • MA Trade Show
    The Trade Show Shuffle

    Ditch the fishbowl and revolutionize your follow-up

Small businesses now have access to affordable marketing automation solutions more than ever before. Previously, only large companies with large budgets used CRM systems, marketing systems integration, campaign performance tracking, marketing workflow automation and other technology to work more efficiently; these same tools are now available to even the smallest of businesses.

If you want to use your time efficiently and effectively in business, you must invest in marketing automation tools that do the tasks that would normally consume a lot of your valuable time and efforts.

Research has shown that it takes, on average, seven (7) or more “touches” with a prospect before they’ll buy from you. Even if that exact number doesn’t apply to you, your prospects and customers do need multiple touches before they’re ready to buy from you.

Human nature demands that buyers always want to make the best decision possible. Only one to five percent of all buyers are ready to purchase from you NOW. Many are in research mode, evaluating their options. They’ll go through an information-gathering process, think about it, process the information, and eventually, when the pain or gain motivator gets hot enough, they’ll buy.

Managing tens, hundreds and thousands of contacts who are at different stages of the buying process would be overwhelming, and almost impossible, without an automated marketing system. Marketing automation allows you to focus on other areas of managing and growing your business while a marketing, sales and customer retention system happens continuously behind the scenes.

Omni Marketing uses mobile, Internet, email, and traditional print strategies and tactics to create, launch, measure, and optimize automated marketing campaigns that will engage with your audience, elevate your business, and drive results.

  • Lead Capture System

We’ll work with you to create an irresistible offer with a clear call to action that motivates prospects to share their contact information. Learn more

  • Fierce Follow-Up System

A customized drip campaign to ensure you follow up with 100% of your  prospects and customers, 100% of the time…on their turf. Learn more

  • Trade Show Shuffle

Ditch the fishbowl and revolutionize the way you interact with attendees and take leads. With all the money you invest in trade shows, don’t allow your ROI to depend on a cheap lead capture system that fails. Learn more

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