The Fierce Follow-Up System

The fortune is in the follow-up

If the fortune is in the follow-up, then why do so many entrepreneurs and salespeople fall short? The most common reasons are:

  • Their plate is too full
  • They don’t want to be perceived as “pushy”
  • They procrastinate…just never get around to it
  • They forget…the lead falls through the cracks
  • They decide a lead is not qualified or is not interested
  • They assume the lead will contact them when ready

Omni Marketing’s Fierce Follow-Up System is an integrated, custom-built marketing and sales campaign that any entrepreneur or business can use to ensure 100% lead follow-through from the initial contact with a prospect to after the sale. We customize a drip-campaign for your business to maximize SALES CONVERSIONS from leads, as well as existing customers. Our objective is to establish a presence for your business in every relevant channel, engage with prospects and customers on their turf, and follow up with them continuously to create deep awareness, interest, social authority, and trust in you.

Our solutions fit in with any activities you’re currently doing, or are planning to do to promote your business. Our Fierce Follow-Up System uses the following marketing channels and tactics:

  • QR Codes
  • Email
  • Mobile Texting/SMS
  • Mobile Voice
  • Web Site
  • Social Media
  • Ongoing management and expansion

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