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The Omni Marketing Program is our most comprehensive marketing system. We provide a guarantee on this program because it is one that is highly scientific, and is based on human nature. Plus, we’re a team of highly qualified and experienced marketing professionals who are really confident about our strategies and tactics, and firmly believe in putting our money where our mouth is.

No, siree! With such a comprehensive system that is based on both science and human nature, we’ve never had an instance where the program didn’t achieve the results we promised.

Our markets are determined by zip code. When we meet with you, we will show you the zoning we use.

We simply don’t believe it’s ethical to provide our powerful system for two businesses competing against one another. Our exclusive business relationships are renewed annually and always ensure our commitment to your business one year at a time.

First, we fix the three biggest marketing and advertising problems most businesses have: (1) No differentiation; (2) No connection with prospects and buyers; and (3) No measurement strategies and tactics. Then we combine our awesome creative services. This winning combination is what sets us apart from others. We also don’t know of another marketing firm that offers an assurance program to guarantee its results.

Sure, we can work with one another by the month (using our Virtual Marketing Department program), by the project, or by the hour. Be sure to check out the other marketing and creative services we provide.

Warning: Be wary of any company that guarantees a #1 ranking on Google; no one can guarantee it. Although we cannot guarantee it, we offer ethical and intelligent SEO that will help you achieve the best possible ranking for your site. We can then go a step further, through our Omni Marketing Program, to help increase the number of prospects who buy from you once they have found you.

We sure can. When we meet with you, we’d be happy to share how we’ve helped other businesses increase visibility, revenues, profits, and more.

We use a Web-based customer project and communication tool that allows our customers and our team to keep track of project discussions, progress, files, and events from beginning to end.

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