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    The Omni Marketing Program (TM)

    Guaranteed Results. Or your money back.

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    Virtual Marketing Department

    A hard-working extension of your staff. For less than the price of one new-hire.

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    Mobile Marketing

    Your customers are on the move. Keep up with them.

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    Exclusive Business Relationships

    One Business. One Industry. One Market. Are you the One?

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    Yellow Pages Advertising

    Still using it? Let's turn that Yellow into some serious Green!

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    Digital Marketing

    There's an APB out for your business. Will your customers find you?

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    Social Media Marketing

    Humanize your business. Deepen relationships. Increase sales.

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    Online Marketing

    Capture. Connect. Convert.

Omni Marketing Consultants creates compelling, bold, and precise marketing, advertising, and innovation strategies for local and small- to mid-sized businesses who are FED UP with wasting money and time on marketing and advertising that generate little-to-no response; produce roll-the-dice, wait-and-see results; and take FOREVER to see a return on investment. Our exclusive clients have all made one common decision: they need smarter ways to connect with their buyers and get more bang for the buck by getting GREATER, FASTER, PREDICTABLE, AND MEASURABLE RESULTS.

  • The Omni Marketing Program

A guaranteed, revolutionary marketing system that will catapult your business straight to the top of your industry. Our program is so effective, we can only work with one company per industry per market. On top of that, it comes with a money-back guarantee. If you don’t get the results we promise, you get your money back. What other marketing firm guarantees their work? We don’t know of anyone else.

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  • Virtual Marketing Department

Get an entire team of the BEST marketing professionals for less than the cost of one marketing new-hire. For a flat monthly fee, you’ll get on-demand marketing and creative services. We’ll write the copy, design, and print your marketing materials; create sales presentations and proposals; and even manage your projects. We’ll help keep you on track with email newsletters, client mailings, blog and social media posts, and more.

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  • Web Site Design

While you’re off taking care of business (or not!) or asleep at night, you need a sales/marketing tool that will be an online workhorse for you. Omni Marketing will develop an engaging web site that clearly communicates your product or service and moves your audience to make purchases, request additional information, and/or contact you directly.

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  • Mobile Marketing

Don’t get left behind! Keep up with your prospects and customers via text, QR codes, smartphone apps…at affordable prices! No other marketing channel gives you the targeted, personal and immediate communication that mobile marketing does.

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  • Online Marketing

We’ll help you catch prospects as they search for products and services, keep prospects connected to your business as they use various devices to bounce between channels, and entice customers with experiences that influence them to buy. Online marketing tactics we’ll use for your business include SEM, SEO, Web site development, social media marketing, video marketing, and more.

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  • Social Media Marketing

Many businesses use social media. Few use it well. That’s where Omni Marketing comes in. We’ll help you develop or maintain an online social personality that inspires and connects with your prospects and customers. We humanize your business by speaking in words real people understand and want to hear more from.

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  • Digital Marketing

In today’s über-connected world, it’s more important than ever that your digital marketing efforts transcend search, and are married to content marketing, media relations, search engine optimization, paid search, and social media. Omni Marketing uses a web presence optimization strategy to ensure that your prospects see your message at the right time and at the right place.

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  • The Yellow Pages Pouncer

Marketing and advertising your products and services via large paperbound books is still a viable medium for some local businesses, as supported by the $7 billion businesses pay to advertise in them. Omni Marketing will help you maximize your Yellow Pages presence to stand out amongst all your competitors, generate leads that are more qualified, and convert prospects to customers at rates higher than you ever thought imaginable!

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  • Exclusive Business Relationships

Omni Marketing’s programs and systems are so powerful and effective that, in many cases, it would be impossible to work with two or more clients within a specific local industry. Our exclusive business relationships guarantee that we won’t work with your competitor, and ensure that your company’s business success is our ONLY priority for your local industry. Since there’s only room in your local industry for ONE dominant leader, why shouldn’t it be you?

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